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Blazing new trails in architecture together: Work at CSMM

An inspiring corporate culture

Transparency and tolerance are the guiding principles in our day-to-day dealings with each other and with our clients. We stay true to our conviction that team spirit and fairness are the best motivators and the most effective drivers for creativity and innovation. In our view, transparent processes are essential for a culture of mutual respect. And our flat organisation prioritises direct communication channels and creates a more constructive work environment. In a team that spans different branch offices, we rely on hybrid working models and flexible working hours to make our collaboration as efficient as possible.

Promising prospects
Building the future together – that is our goal at CSMM! We are always open to new ideas, encouraging everyone on our team to play to their strengths and make us stronger together. Every success at CSMM is a team effort. And we reward those efforts by helping each team member achieve their personal career goals through development and training opportunities. Our comprehensive onboarding programme provides a warm welcome for all newcomers.



"We have a very diverse, versatile team in which every member complements the other. No matter how complex or challenging the task may be, we always manage to find a creative and innovative solution.” 

Dipl. Ing. Innenarchitektin
Senior Project Leader


"We approach building refurbishment and renovation the same way a doctor approaches a patient; first there is evaluation and diagnosis, only then can the most effective treatment be established. 
There is one important difference though: while doctors have a huge range of medicines at their disposal, all that we have is pure imagination."

Jimi Estévez
Project Leader


"NewWork requires new ways of thinking – in coporate culture as well as workplace design."

Friederike Martin
Interior Design

Noemi CSMM

"What I like best is that I can bring my own ideas into the projects and am involved in different phases of performance. This makes every day very diverse and varied."

Working Student

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