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Nothing affects us quite as profoundly as the spaces in which we work and live.
Architecture has an all-encompassing impact: not only on our sense of belonging, our well-being and our motivation, but also on the way we structure and process our daily lives. This is the main driver when we conceptualize and realize ground-breaking designs for the built environment and interiors – designs that empower our clients to become their most innovative and productive selves.

We offer more than a traditional architecture practice
Delivering design and consulting services on a global scale, our 100-strong team at five locations is ready to take on your project with services in all aspects of property development. We pride ourselves on our evidence-based, visionary approach at the intersection of architecture and interior design. Because of the clear symbiotic relationship between the two, it takes a holistic vision to produce a result that makes economic as well as aesthetic sense. 

With our interdisciplinary team, we support all levels of decision-making and create tailored solutions, whether you need site analysis or urban development plans, expert advice for acquisitions or leasing, architectural lead design and implementation services or a visionary workplace design. Our services focus primarily on the existing building stock with energy-efficient retrofitting and forward-looking revitalization solutions. We have a long track record of working successfully with 

stakeholders on both the owner and the occupant side, giving us insight into the potential impact of a whole range of interventions. In our role as mediators, we first lay out the various opportunities and possibilities, before offering targeted advice on the best design for your needs – personalised, experience-based and strategic.

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