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With our designs, we offer an answer to the fundamental question: What is your building – or, more abstractly, your space – trying to achieve? Our expertise in practical, forward-looking building techniques and interior design is the cornerstone of our business and an essential resource for your decision-making process. We provide consulting services ranging from basic needs assessments, project execution plans and feasibility studies to site strategy development and on-the-ground implementation. Our interdisciplinary approach at the intersection of interior design and architecture sets the stage for visionary and sustainable designs that adapt to your needs over time and retain their commercial value.

Strategic Design
We see Strategic Design as a mindset and a methodology that streamlines the early pre-design phase and helps you make evidence-based, data-driven decisions about the design of your built environment. Working closely with all stakeholders, our consultants gather comprehensive data about your spatial configurations and process structures, focusing on your current as well as future needs in terms of workflows and hierarchies. We curate the insights gained in this process and present them in a structured way with powerful visuals and a clear-cut strategy for the task at hand.

Tenant Consulting
We provide the full range of tenant project management services, whether you are renting an entire building or an individual space. From quality control to cost assurance and scheduling, we provide project management, mediation and record-keeping services from a single source. This guarantees transparent, efficient project workflows that help you make the right decisions for your tenancy.

Workplace Strategy
We begin the conceptual phase by determining the amount and type of space you need for your particular workflows, before conceptualizing a tailored workplace design that is true to your vision of a modern work environment and puts your company on the road to lasting success.

Change Management
To ensure our design concepts succeed and everyone on staff feels they belong in the new environment, we offer professional change management and communications strategies for employees and managers. We organise interactive workshops to ensure those using the space are involved in the design process at an early stage. This will help you obtain buy-in for wide-ranging cultural change and anticipate as well as prevent pitfalls as your project proceeds.  

Developer Consulting
We provide end-to-end support for property developers and portfolio owners when it comes to architectural competitions and occupancy studies as well as marketing leased properties to full occupancy, developing successful personalised marketing campaigns and hosting showrooms or marketing lounges.

Sustainability Consulting
We offer comprehensive sustainability consulting for your company, your property or your workplace. Thanks to our experience and our analytical tools, we can deliver environmentally and economically sustainable solutions, up to and including a fully carbon neutral strategy. 

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