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Lecture by Sven Bietau at the Workplace Congress Organised by the Specialist Journal “Der Facility Manager”

"It's all happening again in German offices. ... the desire to go to the office has increased significantly again. However, employees no longer want to miss the flexibility they have gained. Even conservative companies have found that the world does not collapse when employees are given the freedom to work from home on some days. On the contrary, this tends to contribute to motivation and has a positive effect on attracting new skilled workers.

For office planners and facility managers, this flexibility poses an immense challenge, not only in conception but also in subsequent operation. Everyone wants "their" workstation when they come into the office. In a classic cubicle office structure, this is only possible through absolutely inefficient oversizing. That's why "hybrid work environments" are on the rise, which on the one hand offer employees a pleasant working atmosphere, and on the other hand keep resource consumption and thus costs at an acceptable level through space efficiency. 

This and more will be the topic of Sven Bietau's presentation at this year's Workplace Congress of the Facility Manager on 18.10.2023 in Frankfurt.

We are looking forward to it!

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