H'Otello Fassade

H'Otello München






analysis of existing premises, development of concept to utilise structural reserves, design of façade, reception, guest room and interior room, general planning, total renovation service phase 1-5


2.300 m² BGF / GFA

Creation Date

Diligent renovation & new interpretation

The building was once an absolutely ground-breaking designer hotel. The sixties hotel, which is now showing its age somewhat, still possesses its particular style, the mix of art, interior design and light. But now the building is to be fully renovated – whilst still retaining the charm which radiates from the hotel. CSMM is taking over this challenging task as general planner and carefully moving the hotel both inside and particularly on the outside towards a contemporary interpretation of a city hotel.

Framed between two existing buildings of different eaves and ridge heights, the new main façade with its clear projection mediates between them, and therefore harmonises the streetscape of the Baaderstraße. The strict perforated façade, with its now widened window apertures, reflects the functions of the two-category hotel rooms lying behind it. The basic concept, the rationality, of a building constructed originally at the end of the 1960s, is therefore maintained.

To do justice to the surrounding buildings, the main façade borrows thematically from the historic adjacent façades. The division of the façade into plinth, main façade and dormer is re-interpreted in a minimalistic language. References from the sumptuously decorated windows find expression in the form of mouldings. The small proportions of the surrounding tiled façades are reflected in a corresponding surface structure.