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Change is Chance. Munich magazine series on the role of architecture in our changing society

Munich, 1 December 2021. Climate change, the coronavirus pandemic, workplace disruption: Award-winning Munich-based architecture and consulting firm CSMM sees the massive changes in our crisis-ridden times as an opportunity to transform the architectural practice and master the challenges of the future. For the first time, CSMM architects are presenting their innovative design ideas and solutions in magazine form with the new publication “Change is Chance”. An appeal for a positive, visionary approach to the future of architecture.

After almost two years of the pandemic, we now have new options for the home office, innovative digital tools and offices reimagined as places of possibility – all real accelerators for future workplace transformation, despite the challenges of hybrid work models. At the same time, shop closures are putting our city centres at greater risk of desolation and inspiring visionary ideas that reimagine the urban space. And last but not least, with respect to climate change, the construction industry faces the immense task of drastically reducing CO2 emissions. “The past few years have had a galvanising effect on our industry and have succeeded in turning numerous innovative ideas into concrete visions for the future,” explains CSMM Managing Partner Timo Brehme. “As a mirror of our identity, architecture has always served the purpose of reflecting broader changes in society.” The first issue of CSMM’s new magazine series takes an in-depth look at precisely these societal changes. The title “Change is Chance” reflects the commitment of these Munich-based architecture specialists to act as positive agents for social change with their future-focused design solutions.

On 256 pages, in two languages (German, English) and centred around three key themes, CSMM collaborates with external experts to respond to changes in society and the rapid transformation of the workplace with structural and spatial solutions. The chapter “New Work” contemplates the future of work based on new hybrid workplaces that act as places of possibility, create spaces for purposeful interaction and drive digital progress.

Visionary ideas for post-pandemic urban development and the revitalisation of our city centres are found in the chapter “Future Downtown”. A series of pieces on the topic of “Upcycling” also addresses one of the core issues for the Munich-based firm: the renovation of the existing building stock and its outsized role in protecting the environment.

Brehme: “This magazine, or “Bookazine” as we call it, is an opportunity not only to celebrate the wealth of ideas in our team, but also inspire us all to face the challenges of tomorrow head on and help build the future of our dreams.” Available in good bookstores everywhere, “Change is Chance” is just the first in a regular series of inspiring lookbooks from CSMM that address the challenges, architectural and otherwise, of the future

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