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Coordinates: N51°30'44.141 / W128°2'58.43 - Misty Forest in Canada
As steadfast supporters of Wilderness International, we are committed to contributing to a sustainable future this year and beyond. Our wilderness sponsorship plays a vital role in safeguarding a distinctive portion of untouched temperate rainforest for the benefit of future generations. Situated within the "Misty Forest" nature reserve and spanning multiple islands in the northwest of British Columbia, this sanctuary provides a haven for rare coastal wolves, majestic bald eagles, and delicate sundews within its pristine forests and moors.

Through our wilderness sponsorship, we are not only preserving 5,000 square meters of temperate primary rainforest for the long term but also binding 300,000 kg of CO2.

Taking Responsibility
Since 2018, we have assumed responsibility for our environmental impact on nature and climate. We actively reduce our calculated carbon footprint and offset any remaining emissions by protecting valuable old-growth forests. This approach ensures that carbon remains securely bound in living biomass, contributing to the permanent preservation of habitats and biodiversity. In doing so, our company extends its gratitude to nature.

Recognizing that our everyday activities - from electricity usage to technology acquisition and heating our buildings - generate emissions that influence our atmosphere, we acknowledge the urgent need to make significant reductions. Over the past decades, the cumulative effects of our emissions and environmental damage have led to climate change and the endangerment of ecosystems and life on our planet. Therefore, a substantial reduction in emissions and atmospheric CO2 is imperative.

However, mere emission reduction is insufficient to secure a sustainable future. Even if we cease burning fossil fuels, we cannot halt climate change, species extinction, and the decline in quality of life unless we also cease the destruction of carbon-rich ecosystems and vital habitats.

What Can We Do?
To maintain the quality of life on Earth, we must not only reduce emissions but also stabilize the climate, build resilience against the consequences of climate change, and preserve biodiversity. This requires a genuine savior of the climate and biodiversity, and fortunately, we already have one: the forest. Losing it is a luxury we cannot afford.

For those interested in learning more about Wilderness International and calculating their carbon footprint:
Explore your carbon footprint with Wilderness International's specialized carbon calculators, free and without obligation. The analysis provides insights for future reduction strategies. Following this, you can voluntarily offset your calculated CO2 emissions through forest protection, making a tangible contribution to saving the climate and biodiversity. Take responsibility, lead by example, and express your gratitude to nature!

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Wilderness International
Wilderness International
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