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Beratungsbüro CSMM (vormals: Modal M und conceptsued°) übernimmt Waldpatenschaft
Wilderness International

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Help for green self-help: Munich-based company CSMM supports other companies to protect the climate

CSMM invites customers to compensate emissions by taking over part of the costs, which are necessary to do so/ Forest sponsorships help to compensate the ecological footprint through protecting and developing biomass.

For CSMM, an architecture and consulting company based in the former factory district of Munich, protecting the climate is essential - even across borders. The interdisciplinary team, consisting of over 60 architects has been actively trying to sensitize costumers to the importance of climate protection. ‘When companies decide to move their office locations, we offer support in sustainability matters through advisory and planning services. These include certification and compensation of CO2 emissions, released in construction work for new-builds, conversions and extensions.’ Explains Reiner Nowak, architect and Managing Director at CSMM, who is an active member of the expert pool of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). Additionally, CSMM offers forest sponsorships for customers. ‘We invite our customers to compensate emissions by taking over part of the costs, which are necessary to do so.’ Nowak states further.

Umweltbotschafter betrachtet gigantischen uralten Riesenlebenswald im von CSMM-Architekten über die Stiftung Wilderness International geschützten Regenwald
Wilderness International, Kamolz
Dichte Moosmatten bedecken Jahrhundert alten Ahornbaum im von CSMM über Wilderness geschützten kanadischen Regenwald
Wilderness International, Fabian Mühlberger

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