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Space Identity


Space Identity

Architecture can give structural form to brand identity. This makes it a valuable asset in a company's branding strategy. An appropriate architectural language signals competence, quality standards and appreciation of customers as well as employees. It is not only the building envelope that generates brand recognition; creating a holistic visual identity – from a building’s façade to its interior and its design details – is now more important than ever.

A Space Identity comprises all aspects of your building’s brand design: from brand naming, typography, and iconography for the building’s signage system to the space and color concept for its interior design.

Corporate design is meant to showcase your company dynamic and its expertise and thus demonstrate its relevance in the market environment; refining it over time is one of the most important tasks in creating a successful space identity. Workshop formats provide important insights into your company’s space structures, processes, and design requirements. They strengthen our understanding of your company and create trust during the project.

We develop an identity-establishing, visual design concept for you, which is customized to suit your company and translates your corporate philosophy into design in a unique fashion – this way, your property will turn into a built image carrier during the entire marketing process.

1. Brand Design 

  • We evaluate the existing corporate design,

  • develop a customized brand design for the property,

  • define logo, colors, typography, and iconography as part of a brand manual and

  • create a marketing brochure for clients and building owners

2. Signage 

  • We develop a graphic concept for building façade and interior,

  • design a clear signage system and  

  • define and incorporate icons (e.g. tenant overview, elevator signage, staircase guidance system...)

3. Space Communication 

  • We design graphical, typographical or artistic wall decorations,

  • incorporate light or art installations and

  • integrate eye catchers

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