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Timo Brehme in an interview with Haufe.Immobilien: Tailwind für demolition moratorium

In the fall of 2022, stakeholders from the real estate industry called for a moratorium on the demolition of buildings. A legal report has now given the matter some tailwind. In an interview with Haufe.Immobilien, Timo Brehme explains what the campaign has already been able to achieve and why it is important for politicians to lay down binding rules for dealing with existing buildings.

"In the future, anyone who wants to demolish a building should have to provide mandatory proof that it can no longer be saved. This can be done by conducting studies on the building or assessing the building fabric. These rules and regulations should apply to everyone equally, from private building-principals of single-family homes to large housing corporations. At the same time, applications for new construction should only be approved if demolishing the building is considered socially acceptable. We have turned into a throwaway society. Reversing that trend is crucial,” explains Timo Brehme.

Read the full interview here

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