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Bank von Morgen

The bank of tomorrow: feasability study






brief & evaluation property analysis & selection design package pre-planning purchase & feasibility studies revitalization total renovation

Core renovation and repositioning of an existing building from 1884, reorganization and design of the bank branch


9.000 qm/sqm

Creation Date

Building Architect


The aim of the study was to transfer the existing building into contemporary architecture with a few targeted interventions and additions. In doing so, the characteristic features of the ensemble are preserved and supplemented with new elements. The concept includes the complete design up to the interior of the building. Based on an analysis of customer requirements for the bank of the future, it will be completely reorganized and optimally adapted to work processes. A modern working environment with New Work elements replaces the previously classic branch design. 


Bank von Morgen
Bank von Morgen
Bank von Morgen Grundriss
Bank von Morgen

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