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Reply München by CSMM im Nove by Citterio

Reply Munich






Space allocation program, integration planning, definition of fit-out standards, colour and material concept, design and planning of special areas, project management. 

The new office our team designed for Reply serves as the brand’s flagship and a model for all other European locations. The objective of our design was to break down the physical barriers between rooms and develop a work environment with a flexible layout that fosters co-creation and innovation. We combined open plan offices and private one-person or two-person offices with zones for interaction and quiet contemplation such as lounges, terraces and a cafeteria, giving employees the high-quality spaces they want and the flexibility to use them as needed. In collaboration with Reply, we developed a colour and material palette that will serve as the brand’s Corporate Design in all branch offices, while also allowing scope for location-specific accents. At the Munich location, for example, there are distinctive, colourful large-format carpets as well as floor-to-ceiling living walls, either free-standing or on internal walls. A special shelving system is used as visual and spatial dividers for open zones such as the photocopier alcove or the archives. 


3.769 m² BGF / GFA



Creation Date

Building Architect

Antonio Citterio


Fotos: formfotograf
Reply München Sitzecke
Reply München Arbeitsfläche Bench
Reply im NOVE by Citterio in München, Bild: formfotograf
A network of rooms that serves the local collective and pursues the global goal of showcasing and embodying corporate culture

REPLY tweet

Reply im Nove, design by CSMM
Reply by CSMM im NOVE by Citterio in München, Bild: formfotograf
Reply by CSMM im NOVE by Citterio in München, Bild: formfotograf
Reply-Logo als Gliederpuppe in: Reply by CSMM im NOVE by Citterio, Bild: formfotograf
Foyer im NOVE by Citterio mit Blick zu Reply in München, Bild: formfotograf

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