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In eigener Sache: Unser Büro-Makeover im Newsletter der baunetz ID

We are thrilled to share that our Düsseldorf office is featured in the latest Baunetz Interior Design Newsletter.

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"How do companies that specialise in designing offices for others create their own work environments? CSMM, a specialist for visionary interior concepts, pursues its mission to create well thought out and beautiful office spaces with unwavering dedication. 'Architecture influences everything: identification, well-being, motivation, workflows, and processes,' the architects believe. This naturally extends to their own spaces. As work dynamics and patterns have evolved in recent years, CSMM's workspace in Düsseldorf's harbor area was promptly reimagined – and with the addition of Object Carpet's inviting rugs, it has become a strong business card. (...)"

Text by Tanja Pabelick, 05.10.2023

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