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Restauranteröffnung LEONARDI im KONRAD – CSMM-Architekten planten Kantinenflächen


Eröffnung der Restaurantflächen LEONARDI im KONRAD

The "KONRAD" office building in Munich-Riem now has its own cafeteria. In addition to the listed "Wappenhalle" from the former Munich airport, an ultra-modern restaurant area was created on almost 800 sqm. The tenant "leonardi" is focusing on freshness, quality, regionality and genuine craftsmanship at the three action counters with "Front Cooking". CSMM has created space for these company values. Above all, the guest area impresses with its variety of well thought-out areas.

At the KONRAD "leonardi" realizes its innovative sustainability approach, which sets new standards the version "Leonardi 4.0" provides optimal planning of resources.

The whole team of CSMM - architecture matters is happy about the successful cooperation at this milestone. Come and enjoy!

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