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Architecture matters: conceptsued° and Modal M join forces as CSMM

After 15 years of successful growth, the Munich-based consultancy and architecture firm is now bundling its activities under a new joint brand

Munich, January 2018. Consultancy and architecture firms conceptsued gmbh and Modal M GmbH – which specialise in the design and realisation of commercial properties and office spaces in Germany and abroad – have joined forces to form the CSMM brand. “Creating this shared CSMM branding puts us in a better position to utilise the synergies between our companies. We will also be presenting a single, consistent brand image to our customers – the developers and owners of commercial properties and the tenants and users of office and commercial space”, explains Timo Brehme, who founded conceptsued° and Modal M 15 years ago, and will now be heading up CSMM as one of four managing directors.   

“Issues such as sustainability, space shortages, new work and agile management are driving an increase in demand for our services; demand for redevelopment is also on the rise, and companies are increasingly looking for qualified experts and managers. Property is at the centre of all of the current and future trends in the business world”, explains Timo Brehme.

The new joint CSMM brand will focus more heavily on the actual architectural product: the property itself. Brehme continues: “Our architectural and consultancy expertise, which we have proven in countless well-known, award-winning and pioneering global projects, can benefit both parties in commercial lease relationships. We can provide more in-depth advice to owners because we understand what lessees want, and vice versa. This ability is of particular value during the planning stages of office projects, because we understand and can take account of the needs of both sides”.

The name CSMM – which is made up of conceptsued (CS) and Modal M (MM) – recognises the origins of both parts of the company, while also being symbolic of the new relationship between the two businesses. With their slogan of “Architecture matters”, the interdisciplinary team of architects, consultants, product designers and property experts will strive to improve the performance of commercial property – both inside and out. To keep track of market developments and enable the company to understand what is important to its customers, CSMM will operate from its headquarters in Munich and from its existing branches in Berlin, Frankfurt am Main and Düsseldorf.

The CSMM services portfolio is comprised of six core areas: Architecture & design, new & redevelopment, office concepts, change management, lessee expansions and project management. Timo Brehme concludes: “The CSMM brand acts as a gateway to our services for our customers. CSMM enables us to provide holistic advice – of both a commercial and a creative nature – to owners and users throughout the property lifecycle”.