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CSMM is supporting the demolition moratorium campaign

Together with the Association of German Architects BDA NRW and many others, we are supporting the demolition moratorium campaign.

By signing the open letter to Federal Minister of Building and Construction, Klara Geywitz, we are pursuing a clear vision: preservation and renovation of the existing building stock instead of demolition and new construction! Our country’s building stock offers a very effective means of counteracting the energy and climate crisis as it conserves the gray energy stored in construction materials. Preservation also reduces the need for energy-intensive and climate-damaging materials such as concrete and steel.

As architects, we are accustomed to developing future-oriented design concepts – promoting a new way of thinking in the construction industry is therefore an important concern for us. Currently, there is a lack of binding guidelines that incorporate buildings’ entire life cycle in economic and ecological evaluations and make its integration the norm rather than the exception in approval processes. Together with our colleagues, we advocate for the promotion of re-use concepts in architecture, support when using recyclable materials as well as the establishment of decentralized component storage facilities and digital building component exchanges.

In close cooperation with owners and investors, we are working towards advancing the construction industry’s transformation.

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