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Workplace 4.0: CSMM is now a Solutions Partner and Co-investor at spaciv.

Munich, 7 July 2022 - More and more enterprises are relying on digital tools to design innovative workplaces and improve cost as well as time efficiency. As a Solutions Partner and Co-Investor for spaciv, architecture and consulting firm CSMM is providing valued support for the ongoing development of this pioneering cloud-based web application and helping usher in a new era of digital space optimisation. This is the only tool of its kind to date that offers users such flexibility in digital space planning, and CSMM is proud to join forces with the PropTech start-up spaciv. The new tool has proved particularly effective in analysing and optimising workplace strategies, enabling enterprises to quickly and cost-effectively adapt to the future demands of their workplaces as they evolve.

The recent pandemic has accelerated the trend towards flexible work practices, driving new investments in workplace design. In order to avoid an office full of empty desks, many companies are focusing on reducing their office footprint and making their floorplans and workflows more efficient. Munich-based architecture and consulting firm CSMM has joined forces with spaciv to further develop a smart digital tool designed to analyse a company’s workflows and calculate its space requirements quickly and efficiently. According to Malte Tschörtner, architect and Managing Partner at CSMM, this new partnership offers a lot of advantages: “Thanks to the spaciv tool, we can provide spatial solutions that are infinitely scalable based on the individual needs of our clients.”

The cloud-based software offered by spaciv is designed to improve the space planning and workplace design process with a series of digital interior modules that capitalise on the technical skills of CSMM’s experts as well as their successful track record in workplace design. “For our customers, an investment in spaciv yields returns in terms of speed, flexibility and very detailed designs. We have been able to gain valuable initial experience with digital and sustainable space planning in pilot projects with renowned law firms across Germany,” Tschörtner says. “The standardised modules we have developed for our customers’ various requirements dramatically accelerate the design process. They also offer clients a more dynamic approach to adapting the workplace designs as their requirements change over time.”

Working with the Munich-based start-up, CSMM has developed various industry-specific spatial modules that can be used to determine the right amount of space a user really needs – including contemplative retreat spaces, collaborative workshops and creative communal areas. Thanks to the tool, the planning process is fully customisable and tailored to the specific needs and stylistic tastes of the client. Malte Köditz, Co-Founder of the start-up, explains the process as follows: “The software offers a series of functional modules that cover the entire workflow for strategic optimisation – from a needs analysis for the occupant to the actual space requirement for the optimal work environment.” Using this data as a basis, the algorithm generates a spatial plan that the experts at CSMM can translate into real-world architecture and interior design. Köditz again: “One of the things we share with CSMM is a passion for developing innovative and sustainable workplaces that prioritise the flexible use of space.” The developers at spaciv and the architecture and consulting firm have put together a team of highly qualified experts to continue optimising the tool’s functionality.


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