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frontier economics designed by CSMM – architecture matters

Frontier Economics


Frontier Economics Ltd.


Köln / Cologne


Space allocation program, colour and material concept, definition of fit-out standards, occupancy planning, design and implementation of the office concept, interior and loose furniture, project management.


790 m² BGF / GFA



Creation Date

Frontier Economics
Frontier Economics

frontier economics – enjoying to work

The business consultancy firm, frontier economics, which is wholly owned by ist staff, was founded in 1999 and from the very outset had the primary objective of being different. In order o bring creative ideas and character to these excellent, committed economists, the architects of CSMM created a „somewhat different“ working environment to feel good.

Office concept and design offer a balance between concentration and communication and reflect the contrast between nature and industrial harbour.

Kranhaus, located in the Hafenquartier in Cologne, are one of the city‘s landmarks alongside the cathedral. The innovative office architecture and the impressive view make them one of Cologne‘s most sought-after business addresses.

After Frontier Economics had already moved into the 5th floor of the Kranhaus, they are now moving to the 11th floor.

The move to the new area gave Frontier Economcis the opportunity to optimise its operational processes by precisely zoning the areas and designing the special areas to meet the needs of the team.

Frontier Economics Cologne
Kranhäuser am südlichen Pier im Rheinau-Hafen Köln, wo CSMM neue Büroflächen für frontier economics konzipiert hat

Kranhaus-Foto: Arco Images GmbH / Alamy-Stockfoto

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