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Leitwerk München



Atos Immobilien AG




Regeneration, change of use planning from single to multi-tenant use, development of modules and fit-out standards, development and conversion of bars and restaurants, renovation of entrances, courtyards and staircases, renewal of fire safety concept and upgrading of fire protection, support and advice for prospective tenants, agreement on spatial requirements, establishing and budgeting for fit-out quality, occupancy planing and tenancy agreement plans, general planning, tenant fit-out


33.600 m² BGF / GFA

Creation Date

Master Plan And Repositioning

The Leitwerk office building on the Haidenauplatz is located in the Munich district of Au-Haidhausen, directly adjacent to the popular French district. The 6-storey building complex with canteen and underground car park was designed as the headquarters for Siemens/BenQ Mobile. After the major tenant became insolvent and moved out, the whole 33,000 m2 premises are vacant.

CSMM is supporting the new owner in his strategy of change of use, new positioning and acquisition of new tenants, and together with Asset Management is developing a concept for marketing the building to both small and major tenants, implementing this concept in several phases.
The structural problems of the building relative to multi-tenant letting are being solved in terms of structure and design, and the extension of the change of use agreed with the planning authorities.

In marketing the building, CSMM has supported the Asset management team and the lead agent for several years in marketing the leased areas. Potential tenants are advised and looked after by CSMM from the outset, providing a qualitative competitive advantage relative to comparable properties on the market. As part of this intensive support for potential tenants, CSMM establishes the user’s precise needs and on this basis creates tenant integration planning, as well as all the documents required as appendices to the tenancy agreement.

The result of this consistent and targeted sales support has ultimately been that the property is fully let.