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Sellerstrasse Berlin CSMM

Study: Sellerstraße Berlin


AQ Sellerstraße Coöperativ U.A.




brief & evaluation site survey space allocation programme office concept colour & material concept project budget & cost estimation furniture design signage & guidance system pre-planning approval planning purchase & feasibility studies development of repositioning concepts restructuring from single to multi-tenant capability revitalization total renovation tenant integration & usage planning marketing support through conceptual design and realization of a marketing lounge and a model office real estate marketing support project cost control and management

LPH 1-2 + preliminary building application

  • Revitalization of the factory administration building in the urban transformation area of Wedding

  • New construction of an urban high point as urban redensification within the framework of the Berlin Urban Development Concept 2030

  • Core renovation of existing buildings with value retention of the supporting structures

  • Renewal of the entire thermal envelope and reconstruction of all building services systems and equipment

  • Additions and partial deconstruction as a basis for a 2-storey extension of the existing buildings
  • Restructuring of the existing building system from single-tenant to multi-tenant structure
  • 15-story new building as new high point and prelude to the quarter
  •  Extension of the single-story low level with central technical areas and bicycle garage
  • Urban planning and open space integration into the adjacent sports/leisure facilities area
  • Planning of the open space and riparian zone and continuation of the renaturation of the Panke river
  • Development of a hybrid overall structure with semi-public urban alleyway
  • ground-floor neighborhood uses (gastronomy, small businesses) and office uses on the first floors


15.000 qm Bestand Kernsanierung / 24.000 qm Neubau

Creation Date

Building Architect

CSMM GmbH / Bestandsgebäude: BM+P


emproc Bauprojektmanagement GmbH & Co.KG, Hartwich Bernhardt Ingenieure GmbH, Petersen Ingenieure GmbH, Ingenieurbüro Franke GmbH & Co.KG, Schüßler-Plan Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Visualisierung: beyond visual arts
Sellerstrasse Berlin CSMM
Sellerstrasse Berlin CSMM
Sellerstrasse Berlin CSMM
Sellerstrasse Berlin CSMM
Sellerstrasse Berlin CSMM
Sellerstrasse Berlin CSMM
Sellerstrasse Berlin CSMM
Sellerstrasse Berlin
Sellerstrasse Berlin
Sellerstrasse Berlin

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