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CSMM Munich architecture matters

CSMM Munich


Caelum Holding GmbH




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700 m² BGF / GFA

Creation Date

Building Architect

steidle architekten Gesellschaft von Architekten und Stadtplanern mbH (Redevelopment) | OTEC GmbH & Co. KG

For CSMM, the “Hub & Home” model is the future of workplace design. So, we took the opportunity to make our own office into a three-dimensional calling card and set out to produce an architectural rendering of the creative process itself. We transformed the loft space in Werk 3 into the model for a new way of working using a variety of different spatial scenarios that allow each individual to work in his or her own way. 

In 2016, as the firm’s headcount continued to grow, we moved into a new office space in Werk 3 in Munich’s Werksviertel district. The 700-square-metre loft in a former factory building proved to be the perfect blank canvas to put our own design ideas into practice. Our objective was to create an office that combines seamless communication with flexible layouts and visual contact with colleagues. We wanted to provide the kind of communal spaces that promote interdisciplinary work, informal knowledge exchange and therefore creativity. An office, as we see it, should be at once “Hub & Home”. Even though the advances in digitalisation allow us to work from anywhere, we still need a “hub” where everyone on staff can come together to be creative and brainstorm new ideas. At the same time, an office should allow us to feel at “home”, to help us gain a sense of belonging within the company. We achieved all of that in this spacious, flexible work environment, where interaction is encouraged, but retreat spaces are also available for deep concentration tasks. An environment that is conducive to moving around and communicating face-to-face rather than writing endless in-house emails. An office with a variety of seating options and adjustable standing desks to make each workstation more ergonomic. The idea was to have an office that is so flexible you can increase or decrease the number of workstations without any structural changes. All of the cupboard walls double as whiteboards and presentation boards; hand-knotted rugs and fabric-covered cork boards improve office acoustics and create a homely atmosphere.

Sustainable Corporate Culture

CSMM endeavors to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We compensate unavoidable CO2e emissions through involvement in climate protection projects, we avoid waste where possible, and the separation of unavoidable waste allows effective recycling. Sustainable building and keeping up with the research and further development of this concept is part of the corporate philosophy of CSMM. It is not without reason that we are committed to the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB), the German “Stiftung Initiative Werte Stipendium” (Values-Based Stipend Initiative), the German Society of Property Researchers (gif) and the Eastern Bavarian Technical University.

CSMM Büro Werk 3
CSMM München Werk 3
CSMM architecture matters
CSMM München Werk 3
CSMM Büro Werk 3
CSMM architecture matters
CSMM Büro Werk 3
CSMM Büro Werk 3
Gemälde DYSTOTAL – SINNENFUNDAMENT von Markus Ebner aus der Galerie Jacky Strenz im Münchner Büro der CSMM-Architekten

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