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Retrospective: The Long Night of Architecture

A full house for the Long Night of Architecture – maximum number of visitors at all sites

On Friday, 18 January, the doors were open in CSMM at Werk3, in DLA PIPER at the Palais an der Oper and in REPLY at Nove. More than 1,000 visitors came to the three sites presented by CSMM alone. Spread over the evening, around 650 participants with an interest in architecture visited us at our Munich headquarters.

Here, our guests were able to find out more about the way we work in the context of guided tours led by Reiner Nowak. At 9.00 pm, Dr. Dewi Schönbeck gave a presentation on the subject of “Co-creation – where innovations are born”. In this, she used successful practical examples to explain how our customers achieve agile working environments. Following the presentation, all visitors had the opportunity to experience our versatile workspaces in the “Hub & Home”.

Our DLA PIPER and REPLY project sites were also packed out. Thanks to a great team, above all Tiziana, Tino and Lothar, participants were able to visit the office spaces on site. We are delighted with the huge response and would like to thank all those partners who made this evening possible.

The Long Night of Architecture is held once every two years within the framework of BAU. This year’s massive demand pleasantly surprised us and made this evening a success for us. Visitor numbers tripled in comparison to 2017.

We are also pleased with the huge influx of visitors to Brainlab, Bavaria Towers and the Hofstatt.

Werk3 _ Lange Nacht der Architektur 2019
Musik - Lange Nacht der Architektur 2019
Nove Foyer Die Lange Nacht der Architektur 2019
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